Apr 4, 2011

A New Life for Vintage Easter Post Cards

We just love this repurposing of vintage Easter post cards! What a great way to use and display these wonderful, old-time treasures. We'll have to keep this in mind when the Fourth of July rolls around... and May Day, and Halloween, and Christmas....

Vintage Easter Post Card Garland, by Vintage Scraps on Etsy

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  1. I Appreciate the hard work and time taken for these cards. Lovin this! A while back I was looking for a easter card for a friend. I had zero luck finding what I was looking for. I told a group of friends about this problem one night while we were having a few drinks. We proceeded to get smashed and make up a bunch of greeting cards we found funny. I had been writing down the cards we made up and the next morning I read them. Much to my surprise the cards were still funny even when sober.