Sep 14, 2011

Early 1900s Children's Fashion: Romper Suits & Tunics

We recently acquired some wonderful old photographs of children from the early 1900s. In many, the children are wearing tunics and romper suits, which were quite fashionable at the time. While initially rompers were primarily worn by young boys, it wasn't long before they were being worn by boys and girls alike.


        When tunics and romper suits became a popular form of children's wear around the turn of the century, it marked a significant departure from the Victorian era, when children were commonly dressed in fancy outfits that were, to say the least, not especially conducive to youthful (e.g, messy) play and exuberance.

Sep 3, 2011

Great Photographs from the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts

We were recently introduced to the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts' photostream on Flickr, where some truly moving and impressive photographs have been uploaded.

A few of our favorites are below. The next time we're in San Diego, we're definitely heading to the museum for a more up close and personal look!

"Painters on the Brooklyn Bridge Suspender Cables-October 7, 1914"

Newsboys, Hartford, Conn. - March (1909)

"Bass Cove"

Mollie Steuben topping beets, near Sterling, Colorado - October 21

"Wolf - Crow" (c. 1910)