Feb 8, 2013


A tribute to sisters everywhere - then, and now.

Kid sisters with 1920's-era wavy bobs and drop-waist dresses. (via Cassie's Tale Vintage)
All-grown-up sisters, sitting on a hillside. Love that loose-fitting sweater with the flared cuffs and open neckline! Although this photo probably dates to the 1930s or 1940s, we think the sweater would look pretty vintage-hip on the streets of New York today. (via Cassie's Tale Vintage)

Another great example of sisters with matching short, wavy hairdos from the 1920s-30s era.  Note the white Peter Pan collar on the left, and the pretty lace collar on the right. These styles were not exclusive to the United States -- this photo was taken in Latvia in 1930. (via Cassie's Tale Vintage)

Sisters in matching black dresses with puffy sleeves, black boots, & matching hairdos with ringlets and straight bangs. East Corinth, Vermont, c. late 1800s. (via Delphiniums Blue)
Serious sisters with teeny waists (thanks to corsets),long black skirts, & tucked-in white blouses. This fashion was typical of the early Edwardian era, c. 1900s. (via Clancy's Classics)

The Stryker sisters in matching short-sleeved dresses with Peter Pan collars, 1953. (via Cassie's Tale Vintage)
Sisters goofing around in horn-rimmed glasses. Linda & Darlene Twarts, 1966. (via Snaposaurus2)

Matching summery outfits: a sundress for big sister, and a  sunsuit for little sister. (via Little Boats)
Ma Soeur - sister necklace, hand-stamped sterling silver disc with aqua blue chalcedony briolette. (via The Silver Wren)

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